Kenai Community Library Newsletter

Our merge with the Joint Library Catalog has brought about some dramatic changes. For one, the catalog now has a new look. In addition to that, you may now place a hold on material in other libraries and the item (s) will be delivered to us here for you to pick up. There is a limit of 15 holds per person at any one time. It is important to remember that any items borrowed from another library are subject to the lending library’s loan and fine policies.

The way Listen Alaska authenticates, or verifies your library card number has changed too. It is now done directly with our online catalog where before we merely ported valid numbers to them. Apparently many of you have not been in the library for a while. Some people are getting messages that their privileges need to be renewed, others that their card is not valid. The automated system purges borrowers who have not used their card in the library for three years. Your library card ‘privilege’ and contact information are updated on a regular basis. This is generally done when you come to the library. It can be done over the phone.

Some of you have not checked anything out from the library directly over the last three years. That information is automatically removed from the system on a regular basis. When that happens your name, address and card are no longer on file. You will need to come in and complete a card application to either receive a new card or reinstate the card you have. If you need a new card, you will be subject to the same procedures for new cards. For a new account you need a picture I.D. and two pieces of cancelled mail if you want the card immediately. Without the cancelled mail, we will mail the new card to you at the address on your application.

Congratulations to the winner of the Kenai Library Card Design contest  Chris Jenness!

The Oral History Program at the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with funding from the Alaska Historical
Commission, has completed the Cold War in Alaska:  Nike Missile Sites Project Jukebox, available at

A great deal of the Cold War activity in Alaska was top secret, and only now can the stories be told by the men and women who lived them!  On this site there are true tales of spies, airplanes shot down, the damage caused to the missile sites in Anchorage during the 1964 earthquake, and the role Alaska played during the cold war.

The Kenai Community Library is pleased to announce that we now have iPads available for general public use, thanks to funding from the Alaska OWL (Online  With Libraries) program!

Users are welcome to use the pre-installed aps to read the news, play games, learn from Wikipanion, the Khan Academy, or Mango Language, or just browse the internet.

The ID and password for the SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway) Databases was changed effective July 27.  Please call the  “SLED Databases Password Hotline” at 1-800-440-2919, or the Kenai Community Library at 283-4378 if you would like the new id and password.

The ID and password will be changed yearly from now on, in the event SLED becomes aware of a security threat, or if the ID/password gets posted to the general internet.